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Lassen RV Resort

This is a potential rally site for the SNU. It was checked out in November 2014 by SNU members Randy & Vicki. The photo is from the May 2015 SNU rally at Lassen RV resort

Randy & Vicki's Report

Lassen RV Park is located one mile off of Hwy. 299 and eight miles east of McArthur in the foothills among numerous trees. This is 175 miles North of Reno via Hwy 395.

Management: Phil Martin is the owner/manager of Lassen RV Park. He is very personable and very obliging. I had a lot of contact with Phil during our stay. Contrast this with Likely Place RV Park where I was never able to see the operating manager again after the initial contact upon arriving. I thought it strange that he never contacted me again during our stay considering that I was there to evaluate that park for a potential rally site.

Phil is new to the RV Park business. He worked in the Bay Area until he bought this Park recently because he wanted to get into something new. The previous owners did just the opposite. They sold the Park because they wanted to get into something else after many years in the RV park business.

The Park: Lassen RV Park is located one mile off of Hwy. 299 and eight miles east of McArthur in the foothills among numerous trees. This is 175 miles North of Reno via Hwy 395. The spaces are mostly pull-throughs which are quite spacious being very long with plenty of width. The Park is very roomy and the spaces are well separated.

There are eight spaces at the far (south) end of the park which would make an ideal rally site. They pretty much form a circle with tables and benches inside the circle. All sites have water, electricity, and sewer. There is no cable or satellite. I was able to get six channels via antenna–three PBS and three ABC. Cell phones don’t work there (except for probably Jerry’s).

There is a group area at the entrance to the Park (north end). It has a structure with tables and benches, electricity, and lights which will soon be screened-in. There is a nearby BBQ facility and fire pit. There is no extra charge for use. There are bathrooms and a laundry room.

The Park has regulation horse shoe throwing. It also has a 20' x 40' three feet to five feet deep swimming pool. Horse rides will probably be available at the ranch next to the Park.

Nearby Attractions: There are plenty of partial and all day trips. The Allen radio telescope array and Burney Falls are not far away. For a longer all day trip there are Lassen and Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta is the farthest at about 70 miles.

Our Stay: Our stay at the Park was very pleasant. The Park is not normally open in winter. It is open this winter because there is a group of loggers who asked it to be open so that they could stay there. There were about ten logger RV’s. Apart from the loggers we were the only ones there during our five day stay.

Cost: The cost is $31 to $34 per site per night. A group discount might be possible.

Reservations: We may reserve the number of spaces initially by best guess. Then fine tune it as time progresses. Phil would like one night’s deposit for each reserved space. Payment may be made by each individual or by SNU.

Bugs: There are mosquitoes and flying bugs, although they were not bad this summer he says. I know from personal experience over the years in this area that at times and in some places there definitely can be mosquitoes and tiny flies so small that they go right through screens. Earlier or later in the year would be better for bug avoidance.

: We would not be able to let our dogs run. They must be on a leash. There is no dog run area.

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