Sierra Nevada Airstreams

Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

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The Sierra Nevada Unit (#157)

A Chartered Unit of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc.

The SNU encompasses the Great Basin area of Northern Nevada and the Eastern Sierra slope. Although Unit boundaries are somewhat flexible, the SNU includes but is not limited to, the communities of Reno and Sparks, East to Ely and Wendover, South to Tonopah and Lee Vining, North to Susanville and Adin, West to the Tahoe Basin and Portola. Our primary focus is camping in the wide open dispersed areas in our territory with our fellow Airstreamers.

It's the Airstreams that bring us together but it's the people who keep us together” - Jerry Thornburg describing the SNU

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SNU 2022 Information

2022 Rally schedule, officer list, links to 2022 newsletters, 2022 rally photo galleries and other information

SNU Unit Profile

Who we are, what we do

All About Rallies

SNU rally information and planning documents – criteria used to select potential rally sites, rally planning considerations. special activities at past rallies, boondocking SNU style and rally site survey

SNU member information

SNU Bylaws issues

SNU Constitution and Bylaws, Operational Notes, SNU re-organizational documentation and other information for SNU members. Information regarding the May 2016 SNU Bylaws issues

SNU Four Freedoms

How the SNU supports the Four Freedoms created by Wally Byam, founder of WBCCI

Rally Photo galleries

Photo galleries of past SNU rallies and rallies from other Airstream groups.

SNU community involvement

Community service and community project involvement by the Unit as a whole and individual SNU members.

SNU History

The History page includes sections on the SNU 30th, 35th & 40th Anniversaries. It also includes the newsletter and rally archives, yearly achievements and highlights, list of SNU officers, group photos gallery, remembering members , and other information

SNU newsletter archvies

An index with links to all past issues of the SNU newsletter and a master list of contents

SNU Highlights

Annual highlights and accomplishments of the SNU

SNU Flamingos and other information

Check the photo gallery of the SNU pink (usually) flamingos


The personal travels of various SNU members past and present and other Airstreamers

Other Information

Link to page with information on WBCCI, WBCCI regions, and other Units

Flying the flag

Flags are a WBCCI tradition. This is an overview of how they are presented, on flag poles, size. type and other factors to consider.


Remembering members and SNU friends who have passed away


Membership is open to anyone who owns an Airstream recreational vehicle. Membership in WBCCI is required to become a member of a local Unit. You can also join WBCCI as a member at large (not affiliated with any specific Unit). WBCCI members are welcome to join any Unit they choose regardless of geographic location. Members also have the option of becoming an affiliate in more than one Unit. WBCCI members are welcome to participate in activities, rallies, and caravans sponsored by the national or regional organization, or any WBCCI unit.

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