Sierra Nevada Airstreams

Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.


US 395 North and South, California 89 and the northern Sierra's, Washoe County, Interstate 80 on the immigrant trails route, US 50 on the pony express route, US 95 down the middle, US 97 volcano territory and special spots.

Where do we go next?

Place to go, sights to see! Sierra Nevada Airstreams Destinations provides information, photo albums, and links to additional information about where you might want to go. Learn about the area and its major roads in the page Where Is the Sierra Nevada Airstreams Territory? A NASA photograph of the area taken in February 14, 2002 shows the rugged terrain and where the snow falls in winter. Each section of Destinations has its own map and additional mapping resources can be found on the maps page. You will also find resources in each section to learn more about the featured route and it history and in each places page to learn more about the Sierra Nevada Airstreams Destination.

Contributions welcome! See the communications page. Tell us about your favorite Sierra Nevada and Great Basin destinations!

Davis Creek

Washoe County - Reno, Gerlach, Washoe City

The Northwest corner of Nevada, Washoe county includes Pyramid Lake and the Black Rock and Smoke Creek deserts to the north and Washoe Lake area between Reno and Carson City on the south.

Goose Lake

U.S. 395 - Reno to Burns

On the major route north from Reno in northeast California alongside Washoe County Nevada and then through eastern Oregon.

Twin Lakes by Damoth

U.S. 395 - Carson City to Bishop

Heading south from Carson City towards Bishop California, US 395 traverses the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Range.

The Sierras Above Boca Reservoir

California 89 - Tahoe to Lassen

California 89 from Lake Tahoe to Lassen National Park along the Sierra Nevada Crest east side.

Wildhorse Reservoir

Interstate 80 - Reno to Elko

From Reno to Elko, the immigrant trail along the Humbolt River:

Dayton State Park

U.S. Highway 50

East from Carson City to Ely and the Great Basin National Park. Called the Loneliest road: Dayton - Sand Dunes - Bob Scott

West from Carson City through South Lake Tahoe to California

Hwy 93 near Pioche

U.S. Highway 93

Along the Eastern Side of Nevada encompassing many Nevada State Parks, historical sites and other points of interest

Fort Churchill State Park

Highway 95 - Boise to Tonopah

Down the middle of Nevada - Lake Lahontan, Fort Churchill,

Lava Beds

US 97 - Lava Beds to Newberry Volcanic

Skirting the eastern edge the Cascade Range in Oregon from Tule Lake to Klamath Falls to Bend.

Nevada State Parks

Nevada is blessed with a wide variety of state parks and recreation areas. Some are rather remote and some are close to population areas.

Northern Nevada Ghost Towns

The boom and bust cycle of Nevada's rich mining history leaves numerous abandon townsites to explore.

Hot Springs

Because of the geology of Nevada, there are hot springs all over the state. Some are fully developed resort areas and some are simple hand dug pools or water tanks located in isolated spots throughout the state.

Death Valley

Southern Tour

Parts of Southwestern California, Western Arizona and Eastern Nevada

Ukiah, Oregon

Remembering Special Campsites

Pretty pictures, favorite places, or wishful thinking.


Exploring the coastal area and other locations in Oregon

Sierra Nevada Passes

When going over the Sierra's on minor roads, watch the signs! If you see warnings about not recommended, take heed.

in order of difficulty (least to worst) I would list them as follows.

US 70, the Feather River route is a nice route if rather on the North end but with no major passes to worry about, just two lanes, towns, and typical rural major road problems.

I-80, the Donner Pass (7227 ft), is a freeway so it should not be any problem unless the driver or the rig is impaired.

US 50 over Echo Pass (7382 ft) is a major route and your biggest problem is likely to be traffic.

CA 88 over Carson Pass(8573 ft) is a pretty drive and shouldn't be too much trouble for moderate sized rigs.

The following are closed in winter, which is a hint. You should avoid them unless you and your rig are in top shape and you know what you are getting into. In spring and fall be sure to check to make sure the road is open.

CA 120 over Tioga Pass (9945 ft) - not too bad really, with care.

CA 4 over Ebetts Pass (8730 ft) and Pacific Grade Summit (8050 ft) - avoid, similar in many respects to 108

CA 108 over Sonora Pass (9624 ft) - big warning sign at US 395 intersection warning off RV's on this one.- not for the faint of heart!

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