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About living things in the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin region. There are many diverse ecosystems in this region some of which are rather unique. The elevations are rather high, atmosphere rather dry, and soil rather sandy so the overall ecosystem is generally that of a high desert. The exceptions are in the nooks and crannies - the canyons and other special geologic features torn into the landscape by various geophysical actions. The area serves large transient populations, too. Several wildlife sanctuaries are popular for birders looking for rare species in migration. The sparse human population in many parts of the region also allow for unfettered habitats supporting many species from jackrabbits to antelope.

Birds and feathered creatures

Wildlife of the fuzzy and furry sort

Bugs, reptiles, no see ums, and creepy crawlies

Fish and other things in the water

Flowers, trees, plants, and other non mobile growing things

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