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Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

RV Living

How do you select and set up your campsite and make for a comfortable and safe living experience? This section on Living

Choosing your campsite and getting set up

Site selection

Choosing a place to stay for the night, week, or longer

Terry's Tips on bargain camping


Making connections to camp facilities, Electric, water, sewer, communications (May 2004)


Get your rig level, stable, and safe while parked. A photo gallery of jacks, wheel chocks, and leveling on a sloping campsite

Dry Camping

Self contained camping – camping without electricity, sewer, or water hookups


Getting in and out of your rig safely

Consumables safety and handling


Some things to know about water storage and use.

Food Safety

Make sure your food doesn't make you sick. Practice the five fundamental habits of clean hands, clean service, clean food, the right temperature, and healthy personnel.

Multipurpose Foods

Food that is easy to store and can be prepared in a variety of ways.


About making coffee in camp

Crock pot cooking

Whether you purchase a special 12 volt crockpot or use a standard household crockpot, this appliance can be a useful tool in your RV

Omelets in a bag

An easy and fun way to do omelets

Ice cream in a bag

A special treat on a hot day

Old fashion cooking methods

Read Don's article on Sourdough and Dutch Oven Cooking

Living comfortably


Dealing with rodents in your RV

Clean up

Washing the dishes or otherwise getting cleaned up can make things a lot more comfortable (and sanitary!) but there are tricks to keeping water usage down while getting a proper job done. (May 2004)


Condensation and moisture in the RV from daily living


Staying warm in winter. Keep your battery charged, propane tanks full, and get out and enjoy the special treat of winter camping.

Catalytic Heaters

Considerations for heating the inside of your rig


LED lights, an interesting option for RV's


Being safe means planning and being prepared


A bit about nutrition, diet, and exercise to help you enjoy your RV experience.

Multipurpose foam

Some ways a simple foam tube can be used to reduce hazards and fix certain problems.


Randy's efforts to make the bed in his Airstream more comfortable

Ideas and ingenuity

Things experienced RV'ers have learned that enhance living on the road

Waste management


Dealing with waste and holding tanks


Being a good neighbor

Whether by yourself or in a group, whether boondocking in the wilds, in a campground or RV park, being a good neighbor is critical to enhancing your experience as well as that of other campers.

Kids and pets

For many people kids and pets are integral to their travel and camping adventures.

Communications and entertainment


pink flamingos, solar lights and yard art

Things that add a little whimsy to your campsite and a little fun to your camping experience.


Note: links are constantly changing. Some of these may no longer be active


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RV Know How - Articles
checklist for camp cooking


Chapter 3: Mother Nature's Bites, Stings, Scratches, and Rashes
Doulton Drinking Water Systems- Ceramic Water Filters Second to None
Water System
Boats,Yahts,Camping,RV,Motor Coaches Fresh Water System Tips
Tech Tips
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grey water proper use
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Pie Iron Recipes - Chuckwagon Diner Outdoor Camping Recipes
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RV Design - Energy Ideas for Fulltime Living
Dispersed Camping in the National Forests
Leave No Trace - LNT Home Page
Deschutes & Ochoco National Forests - Recreational Activities - Dispersed
Camping in the desert
Camping Tips
What, No A/C?????????
Gray Water
Abstract: Camping Management Classification System for the NPS
Abstract: Camping Management Classification System for the NPS

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