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SNU Constitution and Bylaws Issues May 2016

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Although the SNU, as of July 1, 2016 has not received any official notice from any designated authority within the IBT, the Unit did receive this from an IBT source - “The motion made by Mr. Smithson (to suspend the SNU charter) was out of order because it did not follow the process defined in our (the WBCCI) Constitution. The motion has been withdrawn.” Later, we found the minutes from the IBT meeting stating that the motion had been tabled.
Based on the history of this issue and the past behaviors of WBCCI and Region 12 leadership and the fact that the SNU, in accordance with WBCCI policy, has never gotten any confirmation as to the status of the SNU’s CBL’s, it is unlikely that this issue has been resolved.
Sure enough, on July 24, 2016 the SNU received and email from the 2016-2017 CBL chair requesting the SNU to submit its bylaws. Apparently there was a lack of communication between the previous CBL committee and the new committee or he would have been aware of an email sent by the outgoing committee dated April 4, 2016 stating that the SNU had been received (downloaded from the website) and were being reviewed. See Latest Updates August 2016
Note: After ten years, the SNU finally received official approval of it’s Constitution and Bylaws from WBCCI on August 30, 2016


In May 2016 a motion was made to revoke the Wally Byam Caravan Club, International (WBCCI) charter of its affiliated unit – The Sierra Nevada Unit (SNU). This action was not in compliance with WBCCI’s own constitution in regards to handling such issues. The SNU has been dealing with harassment and unspecified and inappropriate claims regarding the unit bylaws since 2007. In order to address the current effort to revoke the SNU charter, we have set up this web page with links to information and documents regarding this issue.

Although the SNU Constitution and Bylaws are the stimulus for the current situation, the problems are with WBCCI, not the SNU. They are long standing. For instance, there have been rather heated discussions on forums going back to the early 2000's and before about WBCCI leadership and governance. Even past IBT presidents have expressed concerns in the Blue Beret. Several years ago, a WBCCI workshop presenter talked about almost the same issues we are dealing with today.

If the WBCCI decides to separate itself from the SNU, it will not make much of an impact on the SNU, how it operates, or what it does. The WBCCI will lose an advocate for membership and a flag in the Great Basin, further tarnish its identity, and diminish its role as the Airstream association towards just becoming one of many.

Wally Byam Caravan Club, International

If you care about WBCCI and it’s future, the links to the documents listed below will provide some background of the issues. Joe Perryman’s speech clearly outlines the problems within WBCCI. It provides solid reasons why, the current issues related to the SNU need to be taken seriously and why it is up to us as individual members, not just SNU members to respond.

  • New Directions – a compilation of proposals from the 2020 Long Range Planning Committee – includes proposals for Units

Sierra Nevada Unit

Note: This will not change any plans for SNU rallies or other activities, including celebrating the SNU’s 40th Anniversary.

We have been asked why there has been little in SNU newsletters previously about this impending action by a Region 12 officer. The reason is that although this has been brewing for years, the function of the SNU board is to handle governance type issues until such time that member input is needed for assistance in determining further action or a vote such as has been obtained at rallies and meetings.

Until this letter was sent, there was nothing concrete that could be passed along to the general membership. If the Region 12 officer had acted in accordance with the WBCCI Constitution and Bylaws the SNU officers would have been notified so that a proper agenda item could be prepared for membership decision.

The SNU procedure is and always has been, to include the whole membership in anything related to the SNU and it’s function and activities. Our primary method has been to use the website as a repository for information. Communication of topics and links is accomplished through the newsletter and other means so that members can access information on the website. Member feedback is always sought, either through requests for an email response or vote, or online surveys and also one on one in person at rallies or through phone calls.

The information linked on this page relates to the letter sent to SNU members in early May 2016. It is only part of the documentation we have regarding the SNU bylaws covering almost a 10 year period. We sincerely hope that you will take some time, read through the information and provide us with your input and ideas. Your assistance in this matter is critical to determining the next step in action taken on this issue.

May 2016 Actions regarding the SNU CBL’s

Response from the SNU CBL Chair to Smithson et al Sent via email & USPS 5/30/2016

Follow up from the SNU CBL chair to WBCCI Leadership sent via email 6/10/2016

Overview for SNU Members

Links to pertinent documents and background information

Early Response Drafts

These were written as a means of collecting information and ideas that could be used to formulate a response to the proposed motion. We have given each of these pieces a name based on the content of each particular piece. Each one highlights specific aspects of the current issues regarding the CBL’s and Smithson’s motion. All of the information in each piece has been fully researched and is supported by facts, actual communications, and key documents related to these issues.

  • the Nerdsome of the background and key components of the issues

  • the Minimalist – addresses the primary purpose of the motion and need to vacate it.

  • the Bill of Particulars – outlines specific mismanagement and malfeasance on the part of WBCCI leadership regarding this issue

  • the Rant – opinionated discussion of the issues and problems related to the methods used to address them.

Other SNU information:

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