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Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

Sierra Nevada Unit, WBCCI

community involvement and promotional information

Sierra Nevada Unit – Special Rally Activities

Sierra Nevada Unit – community involvement

State Park Planning

Letter to NV State Parks -|- Letter from NSP

In 2004, after a rally at Dayton State Park, Diane wrote a letter to the NV State Park Division about developing group RV areas. One result was a visit from NPS to the 2005 rally at Davis Creek regarding plans for Valley of Fire State Park.

Gate widening

May 2006 Prior to the SNU rally at Unionville, Jerry took his tools and some supplies and went to work widening the entrance gate to the County Park. The made it much easier to turn the corner and get into the parking area.

Obsidian clean up

July 2007 The SNU worked with the Friends of Inyo to dismantle fire pits and do general clean up and restoration work near our rally site at Obsidian Dome

Lyon County Fly-In

May 2008 the SNU held their rally at the Lyon County Fly-In near Silver Springs NV. Our main job was cooking breakfast for the pilots. We also stuffed goodie bags and helped out with various other projects

Amateur Radio Field Day

June 2009 the main activity of the SNU rally at Sweetwater Summit was Field Day. Field Day is an opportunity for all ham radio operators to test their emergency communications skills.

Open House at Mt Family RV

The SNU participated in the first three open houses held by Northern Nevada's Airstream dealer

Trailer Park Troubadours

SNU member Rich Jaggard's Bambi was used as a stage prop for the Troubadour's Reno concert.

Campground service and support

The SNU goes beyond leaving the campground cleaner than we found it.

Sierra Nevada Unit - promotional materials & just for fun

SNU promotional flyer

A flyer developed as a hand out for RV sales, service and repair shops, events, and other promotional opportunities

SNU Displays

Displays promoting the SNU at various events and activities

SNU Logo

Examples of the use of the SNU logo for promotional projects

SNU diorama

This was made by Vicki and Randy Grossmann to celebrate the SNU's 30th Anniversary in 2006. It is displayed at various events and gatherings.

SNU Rally site categories

A somewhat tongue in cheek but fairly realistic description of SNU rally sites.

SNU Pink Flamingos

SNU members seem to always be trying to see who can come up with the most unique or outrageous pink flamingo

Airstreams just for fun

Decorative lights, bird houses, cookie cutters, t-shirts and other items with an Airstream theme

Individual SNU member activities

Amateur Radio

Several SNU members are licensed amateur radio operators

Civil Air Patrol

Wheels has a beacon on his Airstream to help with Civil Air Patrol exercises over the weekend. The CAP assists with search and rescue and other air born activities.

Campground host

Anita has been a campground host at numerous Oregon parks as well as other parks

Sentinel Flock

Participating in the Washoe County mosquito abatement program

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